The AFAES Research Group (HUM-943: Physical Activity Applied to Education and Health) was set up in 2013 by the Musical and Artistic Expression and Body Language Didactics Department, and the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences at the University of Jaen, under the direction of Dr. Emilio J. Martínez-López, Professor of Body Expression Didactics.

This research group comprises professors and researchers in the fields of Education, Psychology and Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. Its main objective is to investigate the benefits of practicing physical activity in education and health from a triple perspective: physical, social and psychological. Furthermore, the group seeks to transfer research results to society.

Lines of research:

1. Educational innovation.
2. New active teaching–learning methodologies.
3. Teaching physical education.
4. Parental educational styles.
5. Psychological, cognitive and academic effects of physical activity.
6. Physical activity and health: physical, social and mental benefits.
7. Physical activity in special populations (ADHD, Overweight–Obesity, etc).