Les Corts Mental Health Centre


The team heading the EspaiJove.net programme is made up of nursing staff, psychologists and psychiatrists specializing in child and adolescent mental health as well as psychologists-researchers working for the Les Corts Mental Health Centre and the Les Corts Mental Health Foundation attached to Grup CHM Salut Mental.

“EspaiJove.net: a space for mental health” is a mental health literacy programme which aims to promote mental health, prevent mental disorders, eradicate the stigma and improve help-seeking behaviours in young people aged between 12 and 18 years. It is also intended for adults in contact with these adolescents: family members and professionals in the education, health, social services and community resources sectors.


Members of the group come from recognized research groups including the Severe Mental Illness Group (Grupo TMS) 2017-GRPRE 433; and the Research Group for Prevention in Mental Health (GR-PRESAM) 2017 SGR 1177.

The group has received several state and regional grants to enable them to carry out the programme and its assessment (PERIS SLT002/16/00202 y PI15/01613).

Lines of research:

Adolescents in the School Environment programme aimed at young people between the ages of 11 and 18 in secondary and vocational education at schools in Barcelona.

Young people under the guardianship of the Directorate General for Childhood and Adolescence Services (DGAIA) programme aimed at young people aged between 11 and 18 years currently protected by the DGAIA and living at a reception centre (CA) or the Residential Educational Care Centre (CRAE) in Barcelona, as well as professionals working at these centres.

Professionals in the School Environment programme aimed at primary, secondary and vocational training teachers, university lecturers and professionals belonging to the Educational Care Teams (EAP).

Professionals in the Health, Social and Community Environment programme aimed at primary healthcare nursing staff on the “Salut i Escola” programme, mental health specialist nurses, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.

Professionals in the Social and Community Environment programme aimed at social, community and leisure professionals working with youth: social workers, social educators, leisure time monitors, etc.

Family service aimed at vulnerable young people and families with relational and functioning problems that share a risk of social exclusion. The service provides psychological, psychosocial and psychotherapy intervention intended to offer support and learn healthier ways to manage conflict and complex social situations.