Research on children and adolescents: the methodological, clinical and developmental implications


The main goal of this research group is to study and analyze psychological adjustment and adaptation in children and adolescents. From an ecological perspective which includes personal and context variables, we have focused on parental socialization, family factors, self-efficacy, traits of temperament and personality, and internalizing and externalizing problems, among others. The research we do is being implemented within the field of psychology, with special emphasis on clinical, evolutionary and methodological aspects.


Research team registration no.: G158. Approved by the Government Council on 07-03-2012 and published in BICI nº 25 dated 04-10-2012. During the 2007–2012 period, its registration number was G52E55; it maintained the same name (Consolidated Group).

Lines of research:

1. Psychopathology in children and adolescents: internalizing and externalizing problems.
2. Developmental psychology.
3. Psychological assessment and diagnosis of psychological issues: psychometry and test elaboration.