The Spanish Society for the Study of Anxiety and Stress (SEAS) is a national organization made up of psychologists, doctors, educationalists, researchers and professionals in general interested in the study of anxiety, stress and related areas.


  • To promote and disseminate scientific research in the fields of anxiety, stress and emotions in general.
  • To collaborate with authorities and institutions in drawing up reports, statistics, prevention and treatment programmes, etc.
  • To organize, promote and disseminate activities of a scientific, professional, assistance-based, training and cultural nature, among others.
  • To promote training and continuous development of professionals interested in this field of work.
  • To facilitate information and knowledge sharing among the various disciplines that tackle issues related to anxiety, stress and emotions in general.
  • To disseminate key knowledge on a social level to educate for health, help prevent anxiety and stress-related problems, offer guidance to people with these problems in seeking solutions, etc.