Psychological Assessment: Instrument design, evaluation of intervention programmes and epidemiological applications


The group boasts extensive research experience which they have developed over the years, collaborating on research topics with a particular emphasis on childhood and youth studies, assessment, intervention and epidemiological studies. Over the course of its history, the group has also demonstrated the ability to train new researchers, evident in the number of successfully defended theses and many others still in progress. As such, the group has shown the ability to deliver on planned objectives and programmes.

The group’s research work, coordinated by Dr Garaigordobil (IP), revolves around three main lines of research:

“1) Design and adaptation of psychological assessment instruments for children, adolescents and adults.

2) Design and evaluation of psychoeducational intervention and clinical treatment programmes.

3) Epidemiological research on various topics of psychological and social interest.”

The group focuses on psychological assessment in relation to devising evaluation instruments (e.g., self-concept, cyberbullying, creativity, depression, body image, emotional and behavioural problems); the design and assessment of intervention programmes (to promote prosocial conduct, peace education, creativity, school bullying in childhood and adolescence, etc.); and research centred on social problems (epidemiological studies on sexism, childhood depression, bullying, eating disorders, etc.) which systematically address gender issues.