Deusto Stress Research


The Deusto Stress Research team has obtained type A research group recognition. DSR has been awarded by the Basque Government’s Department of Education, Universities and Research, for which the team received a grant to support its research activities. (Resolution 5 December, 2016; it was also previously recognized as an A-type research group in 2010).


Deusto Stress Research team obtained the identification of type A research group. DSR has been awarded by the Department of Education, University and Research of the Basque Government for which the team received a grant to support the research activities. (Resolution December 5, 2016; previously it had also been recognized as an A-type research group in 2010).

Lines of research:

1) Mindfulness and Psychological Adjustment: We study the role played by the various facets of the mindfulness trait as protective factors for different types of stress. We are interested in the mediating mechanisms through which both the mindfulness trait and mindfulness interventions exert their effects.

2) Family Violence: We study various forms of family violence such as child abuse, violence against women and parental violence. In our studies we address issues such as the intergenerational transmission of violence and mediating mechanisms (cognitive and emotional variables) through which exposure to violence produces negative consequences.

3) Cyberbullying: In recent years aggressive behaviour has begun to manifest itself in an important way through new technologies. In our studies, we evaluated the vulnerability and resilience factors for chronicity of online aggressive behaviour, both among peers and in relationships. Among the factors we address are dysfunctional schemas and features of mindfulness.