Universidad de Jaén


The group of researchers attached to the UJA comprises an interdisciplinary team working in the fields of Psychology and Applied Linguistics. The UJA team is made up of Luis Joaquín García López, researcher in the Research Team EI_CTS3 and head of the network, as well as members of this team including Jose Antonio Muela Martinez, Lourdes Espinosa Fernández, and Maria del Mar Diaz Castela, also assigned to the Psychological Assessment and Intervention Group (HUM-836) at UJA. Joining these teams and groups are Pere Castellvi Obiols, postdoctoral researcher and specialist in public health, and María Belén Díez Bedmar of the Linguistics Applied to the Teaching of English (HUM-679) Study Group, addressing the network’s interdisciplinarity through language analysis.

Lines of research:

Programmes tackling emotional health promotion and literacy.

Intervention programmes to improve resilience levels.

Instruments for evaluating psychological variables, especially in Expressed Emotion.

Language analysis as a complementary measure when it comes to detection and therapeutic change in young people with (or at risk of) emotional problems.