The Asturian Association for Childhood Care (ASACI) is now an associate partner of the Interdisciplinary Research Network for Psychological Assessment and the PROmotion of Mental Health and EMotional Wellbeing in the Young (PROEM).

ASACI is a non-profit association operating in Asturias to promote child and adolescent well-being and emotional health. Its team comprises a number of psychology professionals and its services include a therapeutic intervention unit that specializes in emotional attention and repair for minors who, on many occasions, have experienced varying situations of violence and/or trauma.

One of ASACI’s priority lines of action is to promote developmental contexts that are capable of meeting and looking after the emotional and mental health needs of children and adolescents. The approach is a comprehensive model that promotes good treatment. The association’s philosophy ties in with the main aim of the PROEM network, which is to improve psychological assessment and promote mental health and emotional well-being in young people.

The PROEM network and ASACI have reached this collaboration agreement through which they will establish common synergies to make progress and advances on issues of mental and emotional health, enabling them to reap social and research benefits. ASACI joins other organizations and institutions from different fields that are already PROEM members or associate partners. These include the Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Almeria, the UNED Spanish National University of Distance Education, the University of Coimbra (Portugal), the Les Corts Mental Health Centre Association, the Malaga Biomedical Research Institute, the Confederation of Psychopedagogy and Counseling Organizations in Spain (COPOE), the Provincial Technical Team for Educational and Vocational Guidance of the Jaen Education Department (Government of Andalusia), TEA Ediciones, the Spanish Association for Mutual Assistance against Social Phobia and Anxiety Disorders (AMTAES), the Spanish Society for the Study of Anxiety and Stress (SAES), and the State Federation of Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual and Bisexual Individuals (FELGTB)

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