Lourdes Espinosa, researcher with the Department of Psychology at the University of Jaén (UJA) and member of the PROEM network, was guest on the radio marathon as part of the ‘Abecedario Solidario 2018’ initiative on Monday.

Specifically, Lourdes Espinosa participated in the section entitled ‘R de Repensar la Salud Mental’ (R for Rethinking Mental Health), led by the Assistant Director of UniRadio Jaén, Trinidad Alonso. Other guest appearances included María Cazalilla, President of the NGO Teléfono de la Esperanza, and Inma Martínez, coach and therapist.

Over the course of the programme, Lourdes Espinosa emphasized the importance of “caring for adolescents by talking to them”. From this perspective, she stressed the need to “give them a more empowering role and for us to take responsibility for this task as parents, teachers and leaders”.

The researcher with the PROEM network also highlighted the importance of identifying both the risk and protective factors for supporting and strengthening mental health in our youth and to implement components like respect, a crucial part of everyday life.

The radio marathon broadcast by the UniRadio Jaén station was a 12-hour programme dedicated to information-sharing and dissemination about mental illnesses.  The 2018 edition of “Abecedario Solidario” focused on the topic of eradicating the stigma of mental illness, and its beneficiary organization was the Provincial Association of Relatives and People with Mental Illness (FEAFES-APAEM).

You can hear the complete radio show (the interventions of Lourdes Espinosa start 37 minutes into the programme).

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