Prf.s Jose Antonio Piqueras and Juan Carlos Marzo , Department of Psychology at the University Miguel Hernandez is awarded with one of the few Challenges Projects granted by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Research from 2017-2020. The objective of this project is to deepen the knowledge of the role of socio-emotional competences in complete mental health and psychosocial adjustment in childhood, adolescence and emerging adulthood.

Mental health should be understood as a two-dimensional phenomenon that includes malaise and psychological well-being to define the state of complete mental health. The transition to primary education, secondary education and adult life entails an increase in academic demands, greater complexity of interpersonal relationships and greater pressure for related responsibilities, and mental health problems may arise. However, current research focuses primarily on risk factors that threaten complete mental health. On the contrary, the recent “CoVitality Model” considers that there are children, adolescents and young people who progress and enjoy good mental health despite being exposed to high levels of risk. This may be determined by the so-called socio-emotional competences, which involve a series of synergistic psychological strengths that determine mental health and / or psychosocial adjustment in childhood, adolescence and emerging adult age, allowing healthy development and counteracting the negative effects of exposure to risk variables. Some of the main competences that this model considers are: Self-Efficacy, Self-Awareness and Persistence (Believe-in-Self); School Support, Family Coherence and Peer Support (Believe-in-Others); Emotional Regulation, Empathy and Self-Control (Emotional Competence); Gratitude, Zest and Optimism (Engaged Living) Please, see below.

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